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Netral is the name of a hotel in Jombang area. This hotel is located in downtown Jombang precisely on Jl.RE Marthadinata 124. Hotel Netral has 42 rooms with in-room facilities, fan / air conditioning, breakfast (2 persons), welcome drink, mineral water, TV, bathroom, aminities , and water heater. In addition, facilities such as fitness, mosque and a cafeteria that serves Indonesian food is also free MSG, support your comfort. The affordable hotel rates make this hotel the right choice for travelers, families and bussinesmen. Coinciding on the 32nd anniversary of Indonesia, Hotel Neutral stands with its founder named Hari Prajitno. The name Neutral was chosen because one of the political parties in Indonesia where the founder of the Neutral Hotel joins internal conflicts, and Hari Prajitno chooses to be neutral, choosing not to accept bribes but to give the best for the country through any party leaders who will advance. This neutral spirit is in stretcher by the founder for this hotel continues to contribute to the state of Indonesia. Based on the spirit to be lifted by the founders, in 2014 Hotel Neutral formulated 3 values ​​raised namely Love, Quality and Integrity. 3 this value is always instilled in the soul of employees so that have excellent service to customers. Future expectations for Hotel Neutral is always creating a sense of comfort and satisfaction for its customers.



  1. Check out time 12:00 A.M, Check out between 12:00AM - 03:00 P.M will be charged. Check out more than 3:00 P.M will be charged one night.
  2. Check in time 06:00 A.M. Check in before 06:00 A.M will be counted as one night until the same date at 12:00 A.M.
  3. For reservation, down payment will be charged, and if customer have not come until the time reservation, the reservation can be cancelled by hotel and hotel can sell the room to others and no refund for down payment. 
  4. All the payment should be done before Check in. If staying is wanted to be prolonged, the payment should be done before Check out time on that day.
  5. Prohibited terms :
  1. Stay with different gender who doesn't have family relationship  (prove by couple should show certificate marriage, same address identity, or family card)
  2. Put money or valuable things in the room. Hotel don't have any responsibilities for the damage or lost things
  3. Break the law
  4. Consume alcoholic beverages or drugs
  5. Throwing te garbage to closet
  6. Make loud voice or do something that disturb other customer.

        Doing prohibited terms will be fined as the loss that is happen due to breaking the rules

  1. Customer should take care of inventory of hotel along staying in hotel. If there is broken or lost by customer, customer should tell to front office and pay the charge.
  2. Garbage should be thrown in the garbage basket.
  3. Massage should use massage bed. Please call front office to rent the bed.
  4. Park the car in the right place and lock it. If there is damage or lost, hotel don't have any resposibilities.
  5. If customer has not paid for the rent after 12:00 A.M, customer"s stuffs will be moved to Front Office and customer will be charged prolonged hours


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