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Hotel Netral has 3 types of AC rooms, including AC Deluxe, AC Premium and AC Standard. The facilities available in this room type include hot water, LED TV, free wifi all areas with a speed of 100mbps, welcome drink, mineral water and breakfast for 2 people. The AC Deluxe room type is the newest room at Hotel Netral, equipped with a Key Card that supports your comfort while staying. In addition, in the Premium AC room type there is a terrace that can be used to relax by enjoying the view of the hotel garden and this room type is very suitable for families.


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1. In addition to our website, you can make a reservation through an Online Travel Agent who has a partnership with us. Among them are Traveloka, Pegi-Pegi,, Mister Aladin,, Expedia, Agoda and Apart from online travel, we do not cooperate. Be careful of scams in the name of Hotel Netral Jombang.

2. For married couples who will stay at the Netral Hotel, they must show the husband's ID card and proof of marriage such as a Marriage Book or Family Card.

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